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    Cloud-Based 3D Design with xApps - Part 10: Product Release Engineer

    September 14, 2021

    Now that our 3DEXPERIENCE circular saw project design is complete, we’ll see how we can use the Engineering Release xApp to finalize the information about the components, release the part files, and generate multiple Bills of Material. Files can be released individually or as an entire set and any created BOMs can be exported as a CSV file to be used in other processes in the engineering cycle.


    Cloud-Based 3D Design with xApps - Part 1: Kickoff with SWYM

    September 1, 2021

    The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a place where everyone on your team can collaborate for successful design results. To help demonstrate this, we are going to walk you through a  project where we will make various changes to a design and package it up to show stakeholders. Today, we are kicking it off by setting up our SWYM (Say What You Mean) Communities.

    Think of a SWYM community as a message or project board. It is a place where the entire team, from concept to final production, can communicate on a project. Easily align sales, marketing, engineering, production, shipping, all to a common goal. Since SWYM communities are project boards within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, they are geared toward a design environment. This makes them better suited as project boards than other tools available. Let’s get started!


    The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 13: Project Wrap-Up

    July 23, 2021

    We’ve come to the end of the carving knife project on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. With this project, we’ve used tools available in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to process a design change of a carving knife from a corded version to a cordless version. Here is a summary of the tools we used, and how we were able to use them.


    The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 10: Plastic Injection Engineer

    July 20, 2021

    Plastic Injection Engineer is a role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that allows the performing of fill analysis on plastic injection molded components. It will handle a simple part fill analysis to an entire mold study.

    When we last visited our carving knife project, we learned about drop test simulation. In this installment, we will start with a simple part fill analysis to check gate location and determine if the part will fill in a mold. It will show us sink marks and venting locations as well. This will allow us to make any design changes before starting the mold design or cutting any tooling.


    The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 2: Organizing a Product Structure

    July 8, 2021

    As we move forward in our journey creating an electric carving knife handle using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we will capitalize on the firm foundation built in our previous article using the Project Planner app. 

    In this article, we will be defining what needs to be done to the assembly, using the 3D Product Architect role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. This provides tools to define a product structure outside of a CAD System. It is a perfect solution for project managers who need access to CAD data, but don’t need a full seat of SOLIDWORKS.


    Top 11 Features in the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Update (R2021x FD04)

    February 3, 2021

    The 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform has had some new features and enhancements that support you from start to finish as you design using this fully integrated process.  We recently reviewed the top features in the FD01, FD02 and FD03 updates. Now we are taking a look at the top 11 features in the newest update, R2021x FD04 to help you stay on top of your design game.


    Top 11 Features in the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Update (R2021x FD03)

    November 17, 2020

    On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform new features and benefits are constantly added to improve the user experience. So far we have reviewed the top features in the R2021x FD01 and R2021x FD02 updates. In this article, we cover the final update of the year and bring you the top 11 features in the newest update, R2021x FD03, released this month.


    Top 11 Features in the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Update (R2021x FD02)

    September 28, 2020

    One benefit of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is that new features are constantly added to the software and platform. Earlier this summer, we reviewed the top 11 features in the   R2021x FD01 update and in today’s article, we look over the top 11 features in the newest update R2021x FD02 released this month. Let’s take a look at our Application Engineer’s favorite new features.

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    End-of-Arm Tooling: Making the Right Tool for the Job

    September 8, 2020

    Robotic automation, frequently in the form of robotic arms, is used across multiple industries to automate tasks that require precision and call for high repeatability. End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) is one of the main components of robotic technology and typically refers to the device attached at the end of a robotic arm. In many cases, these robotic arms are used continuously for long periods and eventually need to be replaced, halting production, and becoming a financial burden. Traditional methods used to replace these parts, similar to CNC, can take up to 24 hours to produce a new part and do not guarantee the part will fit in the EOAT. Thankfully, 3D printing brings a solution to minimize downtime and ensure the replacement part will fit perfectly the first time. Let's look at some examples of how different companies in multiple industries have taken advantage of 3D printing to quickly fix their EOAT.