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    Advanced Simulation Reduces Late Changes and Expensive Physical Tests

    March 15, 2022

    TriMech has continued to grow the suite of products that we can support to help our clients handle a wider variety of problems. Today I want to specifically talk about the Simulia product line including its capabilities and applications. Adaptive Corporation was acquired by TriMech in 2021 and has an amazing product portfolio, as well as technical staff to support the software. In this blog, I’m going to explain how all of this will benefit you going forward, working with TriMech.

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    SOLIDWORKS Simulation Term Licenses

    February 1, 2022

    Chances are at some point during the year we all get busier than usual, this may be due to cyclical projects, new customer requirements, or just the usual deadlines. In this blog, we are going to lay out some ways that TriMech can help your team make sure you never miss a deadline or lose business, due to your simulation capabilities.

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    Offloading Complex Simulations

    January 5, 2022

    SOLIDWORKS Simulation is an incredibly capable tool to help you and your company validate your designs. This can be anything from being able to do basic checks of a metal bracket's thickness to doing nonlinear analysis of a rubber o-ring being pressed into a channel. Having the capability to run a simulation test is certainly beneficial, but depending on your computer’s hardware specifications, your simulations may tie up your computer for a good portion of the day.

    SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium provides the capability to do Offloaded Simulations, which allows users to push the actual solving of a simulation over to another computer and view results on their own computer. Let's see how this works. 


    How to Create a 24-Hour Workforce

    July 13, 2020

    As the workplace transitions to a remote setting naturally, or out of necessity, being connected with your team is more important than ever. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a great solution for not only the CAD users on your team, but everyone that contributes to the project during its lifecycle. The platform allows global teams to collaborate on projects together seamlessly from any device connected to the internet, thereby eliminating the need for dedicated physical workstations and location dependence in most cases. Being able to leverage skills and knowledge, regardless of where they are and what time zone they are in, gives your project the resource potential of a true 24-hour global workforce.