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    SOLIDWORKS, 3D CAD, Tech Tips

    The Internal ID Does Not Match: Why It Happens & How To Fix It

    November 10, 2016

    Have you ever referenced a SOLIDWORKS file only to be plagued with internal ID errors due to  file name changes or parts with the same file name?
    When opening assemblies, users sometimes get a message saying the referenced document has a non-matching internal ID. Let's explore why this occurs and how to remedy the issue.

    SOLIDWORKS, 3D CAD, Tech Tips

    3 Common SOLIDWORKS Import Geometry Problems (And Fixes For Each)

    August 9, 2016

    It's extremely important to verify and fix imported geometry. This is especially true when the user plans to add features on top of the imported geometry.

    Today, I will show three examples of common imported geometry issues and how to find a solution.