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    Integrating SOLIDWORKS with McMaster-Carr Add-in

    June 14, 2022

    One thing we know about our clients is how heavily they work with components supplied by McMaster-Carr. This includes fasteners, hardware, power transmission parts, piping, tubing, tooling, raw materials, electrical and many more. Not only is it important to know what components are needed for your business, but it’s also important to be able to accurately represent these components in the CAD space.

    As a vital part of the product development process, it’s logical to have a streamlined way of integrating the model import and ordering of supplied components all in one place. By implementing the McMaster-Carr SOLIDWORKS add-in, you merge the gap between the parts supplier and CAD environment.

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    Cable Harness and Connectors in SolidWorks Electrical

    May 30, 2022

    SOLDWORKS Electrical has several tools available to make the documentation of complex cable harness assemblies more manageable. Let’s investigate how to create a detailed connection within the tool by taking a set of connectors and conductors and combining them to establish a new cable harness.