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Artec Leo 3D Scanner Makes Debut at CES 2018

By TriMech on February 9, 2018

Remember the Leo, Artec's latest 3D scanner that launched last February? Well, it is getting ready to ship the beginning of summer! But first, like any highly talked-about product to hit the market, the Leo had to make a special debut at the world's biggest tech show - CES 2018. 

Showcased at Las Vegas' largest convention with over 155,000+ attendees, the Artec Leo caught the attention of many, including TriMech Representative Kevin Billett. Kevin worked at the Artec booth this year and shared his insight on the latest in 3D scanners. 

First Impressions

Artec Leo 3D ScannerKevin was able to demo the Artec Leo several times during the expo and was pleased with his first impression of the hand-held scanner. To test its capabilities, he scanned the outside of a smart car in less than five minutes! Even though the car was vinyl wrapped, the Leo still did exceptionally well for how shiny the body and how glossy the wheel was.

"The Leo is very impressive. It's balanced. The user interface is easy to navigate. It has a lot of onboard adjustments just like in Artec Studio. The output is similar to the Eva, but the fast fusion processing was so quick in the preview, I would say the time in post processing was cut down in comparison." - Kevin Billett

Kevin Billett Scans Smart Car with Artec Leo

Kevin went on to describe how the the battery life was also good, but for the sake of CES' demos the scanner was kept charged. Overall, he said, "Artec Leo is worth the wait in terms of being the best portable scanning tool there is."


But what about use? Compared to the weight of a hand drill, Leo is known for bridging the gap between the Spider and the Eva. Its automatic processing and large field of view make it ideal for capturing all areas of your object. Plus, the accessible usability, built-in 9 DoF inertial system, VCSEL technology and advanced color capture makes it great for scanning a range of applications and industries.

A smart professional 3D scanner for a next-generation user experience, Artec Leo impressed East to West Coasters at CES. Now it's time to get one of these in your hands! For more of an in-depth look at Artec Leo, read more in this blog post or request a quote today.

Interested in seeing Artec 3D scanners in action? Click the link below to request a demo.

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