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Achieve Fantastic Color in Your 3D Printing Designs

By Ricky Shannon on June 8, 2021

The 3D printing space is chock full of different OEM’s boasting features and benefits that make them appear better, faster, or less expensive. Meanwhile; Stratasys is putting their money where their mouth is by constantly developing new materials to push the limits of additive manufacturing. Vero UltraBlack™ Black and Vero UltraWhite™ have opened a new avenue of 3D printing by allowing users to achieve rich and full true colors at a mind-boggling thickness. Additionally, they have increased their achievable color gamut to over 560,000 different colors, giving users more design possibilities allowing them to create without compromise on the PolyJet J8-Series and J55 Printers.

Explore Fine Features and Crisp Lettering

VeroUltra Text QualityThe clarity and definition achievable using the new VeroUltra White and VeroUltra Black is astounding. Full and rich colors enable users to print crisp details even with fine features and small lettering in applications such as text labels or packaging.


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Create Hyper-Realistic CMF Modeling

With VeroUltra White and Black, thin PolyJet parts take on a slightly transparent effect, resulting in a finish that does not quite resemble injection molded-like properties. VeroUltra White is positioned to correct eliminate that with an increase in opacity from 94% to 99% even at minimal thicknesses of 0.5mm. This reduces the unintended translucency of thin parts, which means the J-Series printers can produce rich and accurate full color down to 2 mm thickness, a 1mm core of white with .5 mm of color on each side.

Beer Bottles 3 White Background VeroUltra

Being able to produce incredibly thin walls with accurate full color opens new doors to CMF modeling, such as translucent beverage bottles with the labels printed directly on them or hyper-realistic textured thin walls, instead of needing to print the sticker label separately and assemble it afterward. This means an overall lower time to part, and a more simplified workflow, all thanks to VeroUltra White and Black.

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Print High-Quality 2D Images

Another benefit of VeroUltra White and Black is the increase in contrast which in turn produces two-dimensional images and graphics that meet 2D graphic standards, opening a new segment of applications and allowing them to be printed on thin, flat surfaces. The improved separation between colors also reduces the graininess of two-dimensional images by a factor of four as compared to previous Vero materials.Clear Graphic Design in 3D Printing

The full-color additive manufacturing space is crowded with claims of full color or the ability to print in nearly ten million colors, while the human eye can only differentiate about a million different colors. Other additive solutions have clunky workflows or produce models with oversaturated colors that do not represent the color or appearance intended. Stratasys has time and time again proven that they are the leader in full-color CMF 3D Printing, with proven capacity to accurately simulate color, materials and finish. They have enhanced all of these added capabilities to the J8 Series and J55 line of 3D Printers with the addition of VeroUltra White and VeroUltra Black to their platform.

Watch the video below showings some samples of the new Vero UltraWhite and Vero UltraBlack PolyJet 3D printing material from Stratasys.

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