5 Signs You Should Invest in SOLIDWORKS

By TriMech on December 4, 2020

Thinking about SOLIDWORKS but aren’t sure if you’re ready to bite the bullet? There are multiple things to consider before purchasing a software as powerful as SOLIDWORKS, such as narrowing down the main reason your company could benefit from investing. Whether you are using free CAD or other 3D model software, it can be hard to determine if it is worth the move to SOLIDWORKS.

Check out these 5 signs that could mean you need to invest in SOLIDWORKS:

1. Decreased Productivity

Solidworks_screenshotYou may think you’re just fine doing things the old fashioned way with 2D CAD, or you may already be using 3D CAD software and see no reason to switch. Regardless, a decrease in productivity impacts ROI and means it is time to find better options for increasing productivity with user-friendly 3D modeling software like SOLIDWORKS. It is no secret that the design stage can be the most time consuming. SOLIDWORKS makes it easy to increase productivity and fine-tune your 3D design workflow all while making it easier to share design files and showcase your vision.

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2. Gaps in Design Tool Capabilities

Design Gaps

Are you using multiple tools to complete one task, or is there one thing you continually have to find a workaround for to complete your designs? SOLIDWORKS runs the gamut with its many uses —from design and validation in animation to technical communications and data management. SOLIDWORKS products work together to make your design process quick and seamless. You can focus on creating top-tier products, not your design tool. 
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3. Slower Time-To-Market Compared to Competitors

time-to-marketTimes have changed and it is apparent that an acceptable turnaround on production, even five years ago, is now too slow. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh look at your process to find the parts of the process that simply take too long. One common time suck is software assets that take multiple reworks to complete. These little reworks, no matter how short in time, can really add up to slower time-to-market. SOLIDWORKS allows teams to communicate in every stage of a project, so that you can focus on enhancing communication and avoid costly reworks.

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4. Current Software Has Too Many Work-Arounds

CAD work aroundWhether or not a product is user-friendly is a top consideration for designers. Difficult software will slow down workflow and decrease your ROI. SOLIDWORKS brings an intuitive interface that aides in bringing the intricate details to every design without using multiple platforms and jumping though hoops. 

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5. Decreased ROI in Your P&L Statement

ROIDo you find yourself or your team spending too much time in the design stage and not bringing new or improved products to market fast enough? Time is always money and having the right tools to speed up the process is imperative to stay relative in today's fast moving consumer-driven environment.  

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Regardless of how many of these five signs apply to you, it is apparent that something will need to change for your company to continue moving forward. Having the right tools can make or break from moving forward. SOLIDWORKS combines user-friendly, effective tools to take 3D modeling from immensely time consuming to just another quick step in the project workflow.

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