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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Takes Gold in Rendering

March 16, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang have come to an end. I'm not an Olympic Athlete, but I wanted to participate by more than just watching the games from my couch. With the many SOLIDWORKS products I have installed on my machine, I figured there was bound to be something I could create. With SOLIDWORKS 2018, each seat of Professional and Premium comes with a free seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, so I decided it was time to explore!

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The Benefits of 3D Printer Maintenance Contracts

March 15, 2018

"Worry free" and "peace of mind" are just two of the phrases associated with having a maintenance contract for your Stratasys 3D printer. Many new clients will ask “What are pros to having a contract?” In this blog, we will dive into the benefits of having a maintenance contract and the drawbacks of not having one.  

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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: SOLIDWORKS CAM

March 14, 2018

With every new release, SOLIDWORKS gives their users more functionality and value, while keeping subscription costs unchanged. SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes a new package that enables users to create CNC toolpaths directly from their SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.

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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: SOLIDWORKS PDM Revision Table Integration

March 12, 2018

When we're creating our designs, they are rarely perfect in their initial shape. Instead, they are constantly evolving as we make changes. We need a way to track these changes as our designs evolve. Most organizations do this through a revision table. 

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The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

March 8, 2018

Haven't deployed additive manufacturing solutions at your organization yet? Still unsure of what it is or how it can provide business and operational advantages? TriMech can help. View our guide to learn how additive manufacturing can impact your design workflow and how it differs from subtractive manufacturing methods.

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SOLIDWORKS, Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: Smart Explode Lines

March 7, 2018

Exploded views are a great way to show all the components in your assembly, and explode lines help to explain how they fit together. In SOLIDWORKS 2017 it was easy to create explode lines, but if you had many different components and many instances of those components, the process could become a bit tedious. You had to create explode lines for every single component, and for every instance as well. 

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How to Choose the Right Engineering Service Provider

March 6, 2018

You may have read our previous post about the benefits of outsourcing engineering services. Well, once you get past this initial question and you choose to outsource your engineering projects, the next step is to find a firm that you can trust. Cons associated with outsourcing can be minimized or eliminated through careful consideration of potential providers. In this blog, we discuss how to choose the right engineering service provider for your project.

SOLIDWORKS, Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: Alt Key to Hide Faces During Mating

March 5, 2018

I’ve always felt that mating components in an assembly was one of the most exciting parts of creating my designs in SOLIDWORKS. After putting in all the work to build up the individual components, I was finally able to see how they would all interact. SOLIDWORKS gives us so many unique tools to check for interference or collisions and simulate the motion of our components. Putting my parts together in an assembly is the point in the design when everything starts to come to life.


How To Embed AVI Movies On The PDM Data Card

March 2, 2018

The ability to include videos in your data cards is a possibility with the SOLIDWORKS PDM product. However, we must be smart with the size and quality of the video while using this feature. The nature of this article is to uncover what workflow makes this a possibility.

SOLIDWORKS, Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

February 28, 2018

Anyone who used SOLIDWORKS 2017 knows that moving your license from one machine to another could be time-consuming and cumbersome. Well, say goodbye to those days! SOLIDWORKS 2018 updated to online licensing and is saving companies huge amounts of time and money by being more efficient than ever. 

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What's New With GrabCAD Print: Version 1.14 & 1.15

February 27, 2018

In May 2016, Stratasys released GrabCad Print, a sophisticated 3D printing app that allows designers and engineers to prepare, schedule and monitor 3D printing jobs. Since its release, GrabCAD has continued to make exciting updates to this software; and I will be updating you every month on its new features - February 2018 launches GrabCAD Print 1.14 & 1.15.

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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: Smart Capture in SOLIDWORKS Inspection

February 26, 2018

With so many new enhancements, it’s hard to decide which SOLIDWORKS 2018 features to try first. If you work with multiple CAD systems, consider adding SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 to the top of your must-try list. Here's why the new Smart Capture feature is a TriMech favorite!