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Introducing solidThinking Click2Extrude 2017: Metal and Polymer

Exciting steps are being taken in extrusion simulation. Recently, solidThinking announced the launch of two new products: Click2Extrude Metal and Click2Extrude Polymer.

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Import Files Into SOLIDWORKS Composer Without Installing SOLIDWORKS

In 2014, SOLIDWORKS released SOLIDWORKS Composer, a tool that design companies use to leverage their 3D CAD data from any source to develop assembly instructions, end-user manuals and intriguing animations.

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SOLIDWORKS MBD: Making 2D Orthographic Drawings Obsolete

Many of our clients have hundreds, if not  thousands, of 2D drawings to manage and maintain. With the advent of 3D modeling, more and more companies are realizing the value of capturing Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) within their solid models.

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Limited Time Offer: New SOLIDWORKS Product Bundles

SOLIDWORKS CAD provides a proven solution for creating great designs. But did you know that there is also a full suite of powerful applications to help optimize, simulate and visualize your designs?

SOLIDWORKS now offers product bundles with advanced capabilities for every type of engineer, giving you the power you need to go beyond design and pump up the volume on product development.


First Impressions: MakerBot Replicator vs. MakerBot Replicator+

Do you have a MakerBot 3D printer that you're ready to put to use? Or are you considering purchasing a MakerBot desktop printer in the near future? We tagged along with our engineering intern Chris Brewer to compare his experience using the MakerBot Replicator with features from the newly released MakerBot Replicator+. Here's what we found:


Using an Options File to Control Network License Usage

Using an Options file can help control how the licenses issued by the SolidNetwork License Manager are used within the company. 

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Client Application Spotlight: Griffin Technology

More and more industries are maximizing the benefits of 3D printing every day. With the help of in-house concept modeling, businesses can now design and manufacture products faster and more cost-efficiently. Learn how our client, Griffin Technology, uses Stratasys’ Connex line of printers to maximize ROI and make accessories for smartphone and mobile devices come to life.


SOLIDWORKS PDM (Part 2): Inserting Form Fields and Linking Microsoft Office Files

To conclude our two-part blog series, we will describe how to refresh and enable linking to SOLIDWORKS PDM. Plus, we'll outline how to have the variables dynamically link to the PDM metadata.


5 Ways SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing Can Benefit You

Are you an entrepreneur, small business or maker who is interested in SOLIDWORKS best-in-class design solutions but can't commit to perpetual (aka forever) licensing? With the new SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing, you and your business now have the opportunity to explore advanced SOLIDWORKS software solutions on your terms. Read five ways more licensing options will benefit you:


SOLIDWORKS PDM (Part 1): Defining Variables and Properties in Microsoft Office Files 

In part one of this two-part blog series, we'll walk you through the process to define Product Data Management (PDM) variables, manage data cards and designate properties in Microsoft Office.

Print Your Own Solution: Custom Car Logo

Join Application Engineer, Chris Duchaine, as he helps a friend replace an old, chipped Chevy logo with a 3D printed replacement. Chris used SOLIDWORKS and the Stratasys uPrint 3D printer to make this logo in a few hours. 

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Click2Cast: What You Need to Know

Having a difficult time staying up-to-date on the fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology? TriMech can help you stay ahead of competition and meet consumers’ needs by distinguishing what engineering resources will be most useful and valuable to your company.